A stunning debut, full of nuance, struggle, and transcendence.

Love is the foundation of family, but at what cost? After Ben Novotny is born with a rare chromosomal disorder that produces profound mental disability and brain-racking seizures, his parents, Caroline and Perry, and their two other children are asked to give more than they have. When Ben is an infant, the care and the fear are constant. The demands and pressure only mount when he and his older brother and sister become teenagers. Ben needs more from his family, just as Hugo, the athlete and the “good soul”, and Ivy, the ambitious rebel, must carve out their own identities. Over the span of decades, this deep and understanding novel follows four family members, Perry and Caroline, Hugo and Ivy, as their lives diverge, and as they each come to understand their unique bond with Ben. In Degrees of Difficulty, grace is found amidst heartache, love finds a way after loss.
Degrees of Difficulty softcover book
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Rosellen Brown, author


author of The Lake on Fire and Before and After
"Julie Justicz asks 'Could a child ask too much of his parents? And…what should a parent ask in return?' Degrees of Difficulty is the totally absorbing story of the many kinds of devastation that can wrack a family, no matter its passion to survive intact. Justicz writes with deep feeling and saving wit about her characters who leap, alive and hopeful, off the page.”
Alex Kotlowitz, author


author of There Are No Children Here: A Story of Two Boys Growing Up and An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago
"Written with such tenderness and honesty, Degrees of Difficulty stole nights and weekends, as I found myself yearning to rejoin the journey of Ben’s family. What an astonishing debut.”
Emily Saliers, singer-songwriter


singer-songwriter with Indigo Girls
"Haunting and visceral, Degrees of Difficulty asks how far we will go to care for the ‘difficult child’ within and without us. Moved and captivated, I couldn’t put the book down, as Julie Justicz deftly captures the pain and ultimate redemption of love and responsibility."
Abby Frucht, author


author of Polly’s Ghost, Life Before Death, Are You Mine? Licorice, Snap, and A Well Made Bed
"Believable characters in a full, vivid world and a story both grounded and transcendent: what more could a reader of fiction ask? Style! Julie Justicz delivers."
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